Testimonial to DBC Kuching Active Physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre
Jenny Sim (11th Nov 2014)

My Name is Jenny Sim. I was suffer from Viral myositis a year ago .was admitted in ICU KPJ Kuching for 3 weeks critical incubated and has gone from tracheotomy after that I was transferred to normal ward for my recovery and doing physio with the hospital for almost a month. Due to my peripheral muscle was badly affected by my sickness .i was advised to look for a rehab centre and I was recommended to DBC Kuching. I have been with them for a year, for rehab, for my balancing recovery and for all my movements. I am glad that I have learned a lot in term of Knowledge and professional advices. I have no regret and I still with DBC even though I have recovered about 90 % over .i fully believe that beside the medication that I am taking ,physiotherapy has play a role in speed up my recover.

Lastly I would like to thanks those entire expert physiotherapists in DBC KUCHING.