Testimonial to DBC Kuching Active Physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre
Goh Kheng Ghee (October 2014)

Nothing the distressed look on my face after hitting a wayward golf shot, my golfing buddy "casually" suggested that I may want to consider making an appointment with DBC to see whether they can help with my ailing back.

Grateful now that I promptly took his advice then and made an appointment with DBC the next day.

That was May this year. Attending physiotherapist Gopal conducted a series of exercises including using some sort of meter to check muscle strength. It was concluded that I may have suspected herniated disc plus muscle imbalance between left and right side. A program was customized utilizing selected cool looking equipments and props with each session ending with a pampering ultrasound treatment.

Skeptical then when I note DBC's catch phrase "We don't just treat it. We fix it!", I can vouch that the slogan held true in my case and that if I felt pain these days, it is due to an overexertion of golfing and missing the short putts.

Golf swing by the way, while still temperamental is a heck lot more reliable now.