Testimonial to DBC Kuching Active Physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre
Elara Doris Soh

I am 53 years old. I love to run, but did not seriously take up the sports till 2 years ago. I ran my first 10 Km race in the Spring Live run 2013, and completed 10 Km in 64 minutes.

I ran again in June 2014. 4 Km into the run, my right knee went wobbly, from then on, I could only jog. 2 Km on, I was in excruciating pain from my calf up to my right thigh. I completed the 10Km race in 2hrs 20min.

The next day, after MRI scan and recommended by the bone specialist, he performed Arthroscopy on my right knee to remove 3 ‘massive’ (2cm each in length) abnormal growth of bone spurs from my cartilage.

Then began my imprisonment: I couldn’t drive; I couldn’t wear long pants, its flip flops day in day out.

My first consultation session at DBC Kuching: I saw lights at the end of a dark tunnel!

After my third session, freedom! I drove; I could walk like a human being again! The top of the line equipment at DBC Kuching, coupled with the expertise of all the staff, the compassion, the whole-hearted care, the patience and the time(the physiotherapist assigned to you, stand next to you every step of the one-on-one session) ; did wonders to restore confidence for me to tackle ‘taken-for-granted’ everyday tasks.

I appreciate all of you at DBC Kuching, Wendy, Gopal, Hammond, Lorraine and special thanks to a unique human being, Ganesan Kathiresan, my physiotherapist who has guided me and seen me grow from strength to strength after each session. I was elated to participate in the International Kuching Marathon on the 17th august 2014, exactly 2 months after my Arthroscopy.

And best of all, I am wearing stilettos again, hurrah!