Testimonial to DBC Kuching Active Physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre
Christina Lim

I was suffering from lower back pain and knee pain from May 2014. The pain was so severe that it hindered my daily activities. I could not walk properly and it was very hard for me to climb stairs or get up from sitting. I couldn't stand long (even 10 minutes) and couldn't kneel. I had to take strong painkillers to relief pain and help with mobility. Even that could not help much.

I started going to physiotherapy at DBC from 7th July 2014. At first after each session, I experienced even more pain and left me totally exhausted. I was told it is the healing process and slowly it will get better. The first few sessions did not see any improvement. I continue going for the therapy and by the 10th session, I feel some improvement (about 10%). There was less pain and my muscles were getting stronger, thus enabling better mobility. I stop taking painkillers. Pain was still there but greatly reduced. After the 14th session, I was much better (almost 40% healed). As I continue I become stronger each day. Now after the 26th session, I only experience pain once in a while (compared to everyday before). I can stand longer time, kneel and other daily activities much improved.

I can testify that the very professional services by the expert physiotherapist have greatly helped my recovery.