Testimonial to DBC Kuching Active Physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre
Cassandra Havelock

My mum had her second stroke & although she recovered quite well, she still had trouble walking & balancing. My aunty Miew Jin recommended her to DBC. I was very surprised to see her walking without a limp & dragging her feet just after 3 sessions.

Since I had a nagging right shoulder pain for the past 6 months due to the demanding workload on our dairy goat farm, I decided to try it out. I was surprised how fast my shoulder pain subsided & my flexibility improved tremendously after just 3 sessions.

A month into my DBC sessions, I was a victim of a vicious dog bite attack requiring a 1 1/2 hour surgery & 33 stitches resulting in a badly wounded right arm with loss of sensation & nerve control. I soon retained full use of my arm within 2 weeks.

Apart from the above problems, I had also been experiencing bad lower back ache & a bulging stomach due to my hysterectomy 2 1/2 years ago. Since I couldn't do much exercise without experiencing slight bleeding & more back & abdominal ache, I piled up excess fat around my hips, thighs & rear end. Throughout my DBC sessions, I have steadily lost weight in those problem areas resulting in a firmer & cellulite free skin. The best thing is that although I go through more than 1000 workouts per session, I have never experienced a single muscle ache or bleeding thanks to the special treatment & hot pack after each workout.

A thousand “thank you”s goes to my dedicated physiotherapist, Dr. Ganesan for all the great recovery I experienced. Keep up the good work.